Saturday, January 31, 2015


jan 31... 22 days til I leave for Africa...yes that feels amazing to say...22 days until I go back to Africa...yeah that feels even better. See its actually the first time this physical body I trod earth in, will go to Africa...but the two spirits, those man and woman Eguns that came to me in dat cell in Iowa 25 years ago with their pact...this will be their return home...that was the pact. They were artist both of them...slavery and sugarcane in Antigua never allowed them the place n mental space to be! So they did what I would've done in that predicament; wish my spirit to a time when my descendants, those who could feel Art in their souls the way I always have, could have the freedom to BE. Yeah I know sounds crazy...but I know I never wrote a poem before that pact, never contemplated being an Artist either, though I was always a voracious reader...and I know that there have been poems and paintings that came in a stream of conscience that I have never been able to explain...instead i'm left in a state of feeling like i'm takn credit for someone else work...eventually I got better at being able to finally fulfill my end of the bargain and take them back to Africa feels so good...I wonder what will happen when we get will I be...after they leave me; are they going to leave me...?

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