Thursday, May 14, 2009



  1. Amazing...the whole concept of Guerilla Art is different from anything the world has really seen...this artform...and the reality it brings to the present is going to take the world by storm...

  2. Shalom Iyaba! The Universe is always doing its job to keep life moving. The humans must decide to go with that flow. I missed my bus Monday morning to head home to NYC. I got SO much business taken care of. Then, I took the 1 AM shuttle from Richmond to Chinatown, NYC. Then, I had to run off of the bus to purchase a next ticket (that's why I ran to the ATM. I met this great, talented brudder called Iyaba! I had been praying that I would connect with TRUE ARTISTS. Contact me via tele and email 718.812.5942/ More light and blessings upon your path!!!